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Mouth art of Doug Landis

Pencil art drawn by mouth

Pencil art drawn by mouth

This is a story for those who still believe there are things which are impossible. Please visit this website to know how he draws with his mouth :).

Please do visit his art gallery: http://www.mouthart.com/mouthart/frame_gallery.html

This is not my art but of Doug Landis. You can find more info about him here: http://www.mouthart.com/mouthart/

For any other information please contact him at:

Learn from IIT’s and IISc’s Professors :)

Now you can learn online about your course free of cost from the teachers of IITs and IIScs.

Here is the link to the site. This provide free education and knowledge for various discipline of engineering.
Here is what it says:

The main objective of NPTEL program is to enhance the quality of engineering education in the country by developing curriculum based video and web courses. This is being carried out by seven IITs and IISc Bangalore as a collaborative project. In the first phase of the project, supplementary content for 129 web courses in engineering/science and humanities have been developed. Each course contains materials that can be covered in depth in 40 or more lecture hours. In addition, 110 courses have been developed in video format, with each course comprising of approximately 40 or more one-hour lectures. In the next phase other premier institutions are also likely to participate in content creation.

100 things of history you used in past

I got this interesting article discribing about 100 things which kid will never know. Its really interesting ;).

100 Things Your Kids May Never Know About

This article also link to a BBC, article which describe experiance of a teenager with walkman :).