Pushp ki abhilasha: पुष्प की अभिलाषा

पुष्प की अभिलाषा

चाह नहीं मैं सुरबाला के
गहनों में गूँथा जाऊँ

चाह नहीं, प्रेमी-माला में
बिंध प्यारी को ललचाऊँ

चाह नहीं, सम्राटों के शव
पर हे हरि, डाला जाऊँ

चाह नहीं, देवों के सिर पर
चढ़ूँ भाग्य पर इठलाऊँ

मुझे तोड़ लेना वनमाली
उस पथ पर देना तुम फेंक

मातृभूमि पर शीश चढ़ाने
जिस पर जावें वीर अनेक ।।

– माखनलाल चतुर्वेदी

Pushp ki abhilasha

Chah Nahi Main SurBala Ke Gehano Mein Goontha Jaaun
Chaah Nahi Premi Mala Mein Bindh Pyaari Ko Lalchaaun.

Chaah Nahi Samraato Ke Shav Par He Hari Dala Jaaun
Chaah Nahi Dewon Ke Sar Par Chadhoon Bhagya Par Itraun.

Mujhe Tod Lena Banmali, Us Path Par Tum Dena Phaink
Matra Bhoomi Per Sheesh Chadhane,Jis Path Jaayen Veer Anek.

Makhanlal Chaturvedi

While browsing throw Net, i found this old poem we used to study in school, its really a great creation by Makhanlal Chaturvedi. Thanks to amiT jaiN and
PrayogShala for putting such nice poem in net.

23 Responses

  1. this poem is fantastic

  2. This is the poem that I remember every time it gives us the true inspiration

  3. must read….
    this is from heart of poet…

  4. I am glad to read this poem, i am a school teacher, and thank you for reminding me, what i was missing on Independence Day of India…. and hearty wishes on this great day….

    • I was watching kaun banega crorepati there was a question asked about this beautiful poem and it refreshed my childhood memories.I am thankful to KBC for refreshing my schooldays memories.

    • good prashant g. but kewal 15 august 26 january ko hi yaad mat karna.

  5. Really fine, i recited this from the day since was in lower standard and it is a master piece of my collection of poems.

  6. Heart Touching Lines. I love the poem since i read.

  7. Ye muze behad pasand hai.. kyun ki Jab bhi main isko sunta hun to ye mere dil ko sunai deti hai aur wahi apana was bana leti hai…

  8. ye kavita mere dil ko chhooti hai. main un sabhi veeron ko shat shat pranam karta hun jinhone desh ke azadi ke liye balidan diya aur desh ki samprabhuta ko banaye rakhne me apna sahyog diya. jain hind.

  9. its realy a heart touching poem

  10. great lines heart toching lines .

  11. A fantastic poem indeed. At school times it was a part of my syllabus now the same is my part of heart. Anand , Bawana.

  12. A fantastic poem indeed. At school times it was a part of my syllabus now the same is part of my heart. Anand , Bawana.

  13. How to start with myself introduction of poem. Plz help me

  14. awesome poem………………….fantastic too……………

  15. this is realy a fantastic peom..,…i hear this on durdarshan and i remind that i already read this peom in childhood..

  16. True patriotic

  17. dil ki gahraiyo tak jane wali line likhne par, chatuvedi ji ko bahut bahut dhanyawad.

  18. Its a good motivational and inspirational poem
    very good for childrens to remember

  19. I just bow after the flower. It has a great patriotism

  20. Wonderful and one of masterpiece of my poems collection.

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