This is an example of another web log created by some software engineer from Bangalore India. If you are getting the privilege of reading this then just leave a comment. 😉

5 Responses

  1. Hay Hay Assalamu alaykum!

    so its a privilege han LOL hahaha! hay put some girls stuff in here or sth normal ppl are interested in ( i mean…im donno anything abt tech n software naaa or microsoft and what the hell is Hoax Mail???LOOOL) :-))

    but anyways nice work, u really must be bored haaan 😛
    next time when u are, tell me, i ll give u some of my work…;-)

    aapna khyal rakhna!

    Allah hafiz

    Y. A. A. 🙂

  2. Wish you Very Happy Republic day greetings. Loved your flag art.

  3. Hay these are not my art, i got these pics from internet.

  4. nice work. All the best

  5. Good to know that there are people interested in the rich language of my country, and working hard to bring it on the world view. Cheers for your wonderful blog. Even I’m a published poet. You can catch glimpse of some of my works here- http://souravroy.com/poems/

    Keep Walking!!

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