MostFind a cool search engine

cool search engine.

Its indeed a dreadful day for google. Yes just now i got info about this cool search tool. This is really cool. Have a try. And yes don’t forget to tell me about it :). Though its just starting and they have to go a long way but revolution comes through initiatives. So congrats to Kannan and Manikandan of 2008 batch,  M.Sc. students, Department of computer science, Pondicherry University.

Cool thing is that they are also two, and they are also from a cool university. 😉 (like goog founders)

Read more story here.


An ultimate list of free windows software from Mircrosoft

Tech Evangelist & MS Consultant Blake Handler hosts an ultimate list of free windows software from microsoft. I wont say any thing about this list as of now, coz i havent tested them yet. He has not claimed that they are going to work, but lets hope for the best. 😉

 Here is the link to the list.