India Got Cheapest Laptop…

So here is the news that India, yes our India is going to have the cheapest laptop. Yes cheaper then the bicycle. The price of this laptop will be US$10. Higher Education Secretary R.P. Agrawal has made these announcement in Tirupati. He also said that it be available in six months. And this is part of inidan government policy to push the higher education.
I am really feeling sooooooo sad about the fact that i came out of college so early, at least before the launch of this laptop. 😦 …………. i could have watched lot more movies, and could have had lot more fun… any way, i am dead sure that all of my juniors and their juniors and entire fourth coming generation is going to have lots and lots of fun.

Interesting thing you can do with laptop(strictly for fourth coming student generations)

Any way i think, i should teach something to fourth coming student generation with this cheapest laptop so that they can have all sort of fun which i couldn’t, so here are some interesting thing you can do with this lil compu:

  1. Download all sort of movie from all over the world, in your boring History/Physics/Math classes
  2. Download wallpaper of your favorite actress/actor(depends upon your interest), from lot of sites free of cost, and keep them in your lappy near your heart in short break during classes
  3. Connect with the people(using orkut of myspace etc..) from around the world seating outside the classes(if u dont have mood to study inside the class, you can learn the culture of world outside the class ;))
  4. Connection with more people means better chance of finding boy/girl(depends on your interest) friend across the world.
  5. From above we can derive that before you have scope of having boy/girl friend in your village or locality, but my friends now no discrimination based on country, region or religion, you have all the power. Rule the world 😉
  6. If you already have one (GF/BF), then wait for nothing, gift her/him this laptop, and have chat in all of your classes, while seating on backbench, now no need to fear his sister or mother OR her brother or father. No need to take pain of writing love letter and searching some postmen to post the letter, your lil laptop is nothing but angel for you in this situation. 😉
  7. Search google for all interesting stuff which you never could.
  8. Take all above suggesstions on your own risk (after all you have grown up, you are owner of you laptop, learn to take responsiblity). Why should i suffer for all your enjoyment. 😉

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