Indian Economy Shining: Will have second fastest Growth Rate

Yeaahh Indian Economy is again ready to shine. The Indian economy will turn in the second-fastest growth rate in the world — after China’s 8% — for 2008-09. This is according to the advance estimates of national income released by the Central Statistical Organisation (CSO).
Increase in pay scale of employee has lead to increase in consumption of good, which is a big factor of this growth. Hmmmmm… 2009 is not going to be a tough year for Indian economy it seems. Chak De India.

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Going USA getting tough: New H1B restrictions

So, again worried American have come up with more restrictions towards H1B visa. On friday senate agreed upon seting restrictions on the hiring of H-1B workers by financial services firms that receive federal bailout funds. Though it didn’t bar the hiring of foreign workers but who has seen the future. It means getting USA has become tougher then before. Though before this it was already better to work in Mount Everest then working in USA, but now you can go to moon and forget about USA. 😉
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