Programming in .Net C# in Hindi: Just Fun

class सुचना

private String _नाम = “सुचना”;
public String अपनी_सुचना_दो()

String सुचना = “मेरा नाम “+_नाम+” है, मुझे फलक ने लिखा है !”;
return सुचना;



so finally one program in Hindi(हिन्दी). Yes you can check it, its working, initialize the class, and call its method. 🙂


Mono 2.2 may defeat .Net in some categories

Yes its true as this article claim so. Open source is going to rock one more time. Any way mono is celebrating the release of version 2.2 this week.

InfoQ’s Jonathan Allen said, “Mono is outgrowing the standard. Mono is not just playing catch-up any more, it is trying to move past the CLR in many areas. And as an open source project, they can slip in new libraries at a much faster clip than Microsoft.”