STOP FEMALE FOETICIDE: Diary of an unborn baby

my friend sent me this forward, really an eye opener:


1 MAY: Today my mum and my paa showed how much they love each other. They slept together and my life began.

15 MAY: My blood circulation system is beginning now. My body is grown now..

19 MAY: My mouth began to develop.

21 MAY: Heart began to beat.

22 May: For some reason my mom is beginning to worry becoz m inside her.

28 MAY: My hands and feet began to grow.

8 June: little fingers are now appearing at the end of my hands.

15 June: My mom felt that I am moving inside her. M happy…

20 June: Now I know m going to be a little girl.

24 June: organs inside me r began to grow.

6 JULY: Now hair is starting to grow on top of my head and eyes.

8 July: Now my eyes are ready for use but both are still shut.

19 July: Heart is really beating now. M growing….

20 July: oops!!!My mother killed me.AM no more alive, Thrond in dustbin..




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Mouth art of Doug Landis

Pencil art drawn by mouth

Pencil art drawn by mouth

This is a story for those who still believe there are things which are impossible. Please visit this website to know how he draws with his mouth :).

Please do visit his art gallery:

This is not my art but of Doug Landis. You can find more info about him here:

For any other information please contact him at:

100 things of history you used in past

I got this interesting article discribing about 100 things which kid will never know. Its really interesting ;).

100 Things Your Kids May Never Know About

This article also link to a BBC, article which describe experiance of a teenager with walkman :).

God Bless Palestinian Palestine

God have mercy on Palestinian and Palestinian Palestine. Come through this poem while surfing.

What violence is (2)

i stop at the red street light
you open the kerbside door
you slide into my dusty car
it is an ordinary car
it is my car
i love my car
it fits my shoulders
the driver’s seat is good
for my lower back
i don’t know you
who are you?
What do you want?
the street light turns green
you shout, “GOD!”
right up close to my face, “GOD!”
you refuse to get out of my car
that is an Act of Violence

you walk into my house
wave God and a flag in my face
take over my front room and the kitchen
(what the hell?!)
yes, the air conditioning is eccentric
and the doors creak
but i love my house
you move your family in
your wife, her mother, your brother,
your second cousin, twice divorced,
her two kids
you bar mine from the door
you refuse to leave
you spread to the spare room
start re-decorating
all of that is an Act of Violence

you bulldoze your way into my garden
you build a house there in my garden
you wave the promise God made you
you ignore the promise God made me
(how God must be laughing up there in the sky)
you bring more of your relatives
their families with their beautiful
but in the wrong place
to live in that house (a war zone)
that is an Act of Violence

what would you expect me to do?
what in any one’s name
would you expect me to do?
what would you do if it happened to you?

You build your cities on Palestinian land
That is an Act of Violence
The world watches
and does nothing to stop you
is that not also an Act of Violence?

To stop the war religion gives
To stop the war that greed lives
To stop the testosterone initiative
To stop the killing of innocent kids
First, stop the denial of what violence is

by Labi Siffre

Long Live Humanity.
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