Pondicherry University Anthem: Remembering the old days

While randomly searching on youtube i thought of searching Pondicherry University, my alma mater, and got a nice work done by Selvakumar of MSc.

Congrats to P. Selvakumar and team for the effort.


Happy Birth Day To me ;)

Happy Birth Day to me.
Happy Birth Day to me
Thanks to all of my colleague and friends for decorating my cubical very nicely. Probably i’ll post some photo soon.

One of my colleague is also celebrating his birthday today, so as he wished me, i replied “same to you” ;).

Nnormally you dont get chance to say so. Interesting thing is i also had opportunity to mentor him for some time ;).

PS: image courtesy happinesspages.

After long time…

So finally i posted today, last post. After long vacation when i came back this monday i thought of posting some time. Today when i got this mail, it was so nice that i can’t stop myself to posting it. It was tough to get in to working mood after long vacation but thank god, today some how i manage to get in to work huhhh……

Republic Day: 1 day to go :)

“Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.”

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Republic Day: 2 days to go :)

Happy Republic Day
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Republic Day: 3 days to go :)

Republic Day



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Republic Day: 4 days to go :)



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